Terms of Use

The data collected through the registration form are considered personal and are subject to the protection provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Croatia. The specified data will be used to exercise the rights and fulfil the obligations according to the registration for the use of the online multimedia content gallery managed by the Croatian National Tourist Board. The User confirms that data indicated in the registration for are true and accurate, and acknowledges the purpose of their collection and use.

General Provisions

The Croatian National Tourist Board (hereinafter: CNTB) holds the right to create and/or publish content and administers the online multimedia content gallery (hereinafter: Gallery) accessed via the link: http://galerija.croatia.hr, and by applying the corresponding registration procedure.

With the registration for use the person who uses the Gallery (hereinafter: User) unconditionally accepts the application of these Terms of Use and is considered capable of accepting these Terms of Use, and understands all risks associated with the use of herein published and available content.

Use of the content available in the Gallery (regardless of whether it is freely accessible to any User or access is limited by protection systems and IT applications) is permitted exclusively in the manner and under the conditions specified in these Terms of Use.

All other use of the content available in the Gallery is subject to the appropriate legal protection and the application of the applicable and legally permissible measures against the User and/or third party benefiting from the use of herein available content.

Published Content

Content published and available in the Gallery is considered to be text, graphics, trademarks, logos, photographs, phonograms, videos and other audio-visual content, computer applications and databases, as well as all other informative or technical materials, regardless of the method of display, publication or availability to the User.

Intellectual Property Rights

Content published in the Gallery is protected by intellectual property rights, and any unauthorised use can constitute grounds for legal action against the User by the CNTB or a third party, authorised holder of the intellectual property rights.

Use of the Content

The CNTB grants the User a limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive permission to visit, print, copy and to use the content published in the Gallery, solely for personal and non-commercial use, that is for the promotion of Croatian as tourist destination, provided that such downloaded content has not been changed or distorted in any way (including the publication on websites with morally objectionable content). The CNTB as the source, and the name of the author of the downloaded content must be stated.

Access to Content

The Content published in the Gallery can be browsed only by using permitted methods of information technology, in such a way and in such a quantity and to such an extent which are usual for a natural person, the User. Any other method of browsing and/or of using the content which bypasses protected systems and applications of information technology, or when specific applications or tools are used for simultaneous download of data that is not common for a natural person, the User, is considered a violation of protected rights of the CNTB, for which the User bears the appropriate material, criminal or misdemeanour charges.

Right to Change the Content

The CNTB reserves the right to change, suspend (temporarily or permanently) any content or services in the Gallery, without prior notice, at any time.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection

The CNTB respects the privacy of its Users of this Gallery. Information from the registration procedure, and other data about the User will not be provided to third parties nor will it be available to any third party unless such an obligation is required by the applicable regulations.

The CNTB can, in accordance with the law, collect certain data about the Users, obtained during their use of this Gallery. The CNTB uses this data solely for the purpose of improving the functionality of the Gallery and its content, so as to additionally direct and adapt it to the Users.

In accordance with applicable regulations, the CNTB undertakes to protect the privacy of the User of this Gallery, except in the case of violation of these Terms of Use or if the User acts in a way that breaches the positive regulations.

Registered Users

In order to access this Gallery, the User is required to go through the registration process, enter true information, and choose a username and password.

The CNTB reserves the right to revoke or deny the use of the User account and/or one or more of the services for which the User has been registered, without prior notice and/or explanation.

The CNTB is not liable for any damage caused by such termination of the User account and/or one or more services for which the User has been registered, or for any damage resulting from an unauthorized use of the User account by third parties.

Changes to the Terms of Use

The CNTB reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, and is not neither will be responsible for possible consequences of such changes. These changes come into force on the date of publication in the Gallery.
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